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Kathy Sawyer
Seamstress and Quilter

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Custom Dressmaking



Whether it's a bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, business suit, prom dress, pageant gown, or any piece of apparel, Kathy can use her skill to make the garment fit you perfectly. 
*Take it in or out
* Replace the zipper
* Put in a corset, a cuff, sleeves, etc.
* Hem multiple layers
* Add or remove straps
* You name it!
Do you find that retail clothing doesn't fit well? Is there a unique event in your future? Do you get frustrated trying to find clothing that expresses your style? There are times when nothing but an orginal will do. Gather your photos, sketches, or ideas and contact Kathy for a consultation/estimate and see how she can make your dream garment a reality.
Quilts can be created from an idea, photo, or pattern.  Any size, any style is possible.  Hand quilting or machine quilting.
* Art quilts
* Traditional quilts
* T-shirt quilts
* Baby quilts
* Wedding quilts
* Quilting for pre-finished quilt tops
I will consult with you over the phone or by email, but there is no way to get an accurate alterations estimate without a face to face meeting.  Set up an appointment to meet at my fitting room  at 127 N Daisy St, Morristown, TN 
Sample pricing for alterations:
* Corset back                  $100
* Gown hem                $45 - $200
* Take in bodice         $75 - $125
*Pant/jeans hem            $10
*Cuff pants hem             $15

Prices doubled for RUSH less than 6 days.
Pricing can be affected by many variables such as the type of fabrics, construction, styles, and time involved for each technique. Only a consultation will provide you with an accurate estimate.
T-shirt Quilt pricing:
(Supply costs include interfacing, fabric for sashing and backing, batting and thread.)
Twin size 
     Need 12- 20 t-shirts
     Supply costs:                           $ 45
     Labor                                         $155
                                      TOTAL      $200
Full/Queen size
     Need 30 - 36 t-shirts
     Supply costs:                            $ 60
     Labor                                           $240
                                     TOTAL         $300
King size
     Need 36-49 t-shirts
     Supply costs:                           $ 75
     Labor                                           $325
                                     TOTAL        $400